Still Drivin’ On (2013)

Titles :

1 The Highwayman

2 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

3 The Ride

4 Goodbye Time

5 I’m No Stranger To The Rain

6 Gentle on My Mind

7 Wichita Lineman

8 Rodeo Preacher

9 Born To Die

On the Pearsons' Still Drivin' On album cover, you sure recognize Larry and Arthur Pearson from Arkansas' Judge Parker with their three others brothers Charles, Steve and Bruce, and Tom Ware on bass, drums, piano, violin, and Mike Miller, pedal steel guitar. The five brothers share the vocals on this album which is a real American one with famous Country Music songs that look like Dean Martin or Jack Palance recordings. Some songs are really good, like the Jimmy Webb cover "The Highwayman", song already sung by Johnny Cash, Willie nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. The Pearsons' cover is close to that last one, that show how gifted they are. They also play another song of Jimmy Webb "Wichita Lineman" full of melancholy. There is a lot of emotional intensity on "Goodbye Time" and on John Hartford "Gentle on my Mind". Southern fans will be happy with "The Ride" famous on David Allan Coe version on his 1997 live album If That Ain't Country with Johnny Neel and Warren Haynes. Pearsons cover is slower because of the pedal steel guitar that plays with the piano. Congratulations to the Pearsons brothers for this beautiful romantic country ride.

Jacques Dersigny

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