Rise To The Moutains (2015)


J.B. Jones - guitar & vocals
Jimmy Rose - lead guitar & background vocals
Elvis D. - bass
Kwall - drums & background vocals


1 - Rise to the Mountains - 7:33
2 - Leavin Out the Backside - 5:39
3 - Over for You Know It - 3:19
4 - Where Have You Gone - 4:49
5 - I Will Remain - 8:34
6 - Fire, Fuel & Air - 5:02
7 - Another Day - 4:27
8 - Second to None - 4:25
9 - The Smoker - 3:35
10 - Grey Skies - 5:20

Fifth album of the band from Phoenix, Arizona. "Already?" will say the fans, "Again?" say those who don't like them. There are different opinions about them. For me, Hogjaw isn't a Southern band, but a Heavy Rock Band with Southern and Country influences. And their last album… you need to listen to it to make your own opinion. It begins with "Rise to the Mountains", title track of the album, a kind of fast heavy blues that ends in a Marshall Tucker band country style. "Leavin' out the Backside" has a Country Blues intro just before a heavy rock sound. A good one! "Over for you know it", is a fast rock that hurts… with a killer solo just like Molly hatchet. Same spirit with "Where have you gone" and its guitar intro. "I will remain" is very well done with an intro between Southern Rock and Wishbone Ash, and a powerful guitar solo. Then arrives "Fire, fuel and air", a good Rock song, with a Blues Break in the middle, and a crazy finish. "The Smoker" is a fast song too with a great solo. The album finishes with "Grey Skies", the best song in my opinion, an acoustic ballad (with two acoustic guitars and a pedal steel) with many influences (17th century, Celtic Folk, Country Music). An incredible song for Music lovers! Hogjaw offers us a coherent album, really rock, but no Southern, with great songs (« Leavin’ out the backside », « Over for you know it », « I will remain », « The smoker » and « Grey skies »). Now you can enjoy it or not. As I told you, there are different opinions.

Olivier Aubry

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