Meet Me In Bluesland (2015)


Walking With The Wolf
Little Queenie
She’s Got To Have It
Party In Heaven
Meet Me In Bluesland
King Rooster
Shufflin’ Back To Memphis
Fast Train
Superman Blues

Kentucky Headhunters has been created in 1986, and it's a kind of family affair, because here we get brothers Fred and Richard Young and their cousins Greg Martin and Anthony Kenney. Doug Phelps joined the band some years ago and brings his strength to the songs. When you look to the record cover, you can see that this ain't young greenhorns, but hours of flight, gallons of Budweiser and Bourbon… However it's in Kentucky that Bourbon is distilled. And who is that guy sat on this picture. You have found, it is Johnnie Johnson, born the 8 of July 1924 in Farimont Virginia, dead in 2005, has played with Chuck Berry in 1952, and "Maybellene", "Nadine", "carol" and "School Days" are the children of this famous pianist, even is Uncle Chuck didn't admit it and claimed his right on these songs. Keith Richards talks about this fact in 1986's "Hail Hail Rock n' Roll" documentary. This wonderful pianist often played with the Kentucky Head Hunters, and this album is issued from 2003 sessions because of Johnnie 's widow will. Mister Johnson shows how gifted he was on "Walking with the Wolf", and then on the famous "Little Queenie" often played by the Rolling Stones. So this record is a tribute of the Kentucky Headhunters to a musician who has put his mark of Music history. And it's also an incredible musical testimony. "Party in Heaven", for instance, looks like a great Chuck Berry song. And we can thank the Kentucky Headhunters who help and at the service of Johnnie Johnson, and are able to keep their own sound that is a mix of Blues, Southern-Rock and Country music. If you enjoy the Blues-Honky Tonk piano, you sure enjoy this record : Johnnie Johnson is at is bet on the eleven songs.

Michel Bertelle


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