This band from Sweden exists since 2008 and presents his first album. Musicians are good enough, sound and production are excellent. More, singer sings just like Billy Gibbons. So, let's discover this album with different influences. "Six Ways to Sunday" is a good Rock song with a solo tempo during the guitar solo. It's the same on "We come alive", a little bit faster. "Long Way Down" is in the same way that "Six Ways to Sunday" with a hard rock solo. I enjoy "Let it rain", a ballad in the new Lynyrd Skynyrd spirit. Just note "Appt 17" and "The Only Way to Fly" that are close to the AC/DC spirit. "Time to take a Ride" begins on the dobro to become a classic rock song. I do enjoy "Hellbound Train", a rockabilly hard rock song, a kind of mix between "Mystery Train" and "Cruise on out". There's a great solo. Our Swedish guys show no monotony on that record full of heavy guitars. However, it has already been played elsewhere. This record won't make a Rock n' Roll revolution and Rebel Road guys won't be international stars. Just wish they can do a living with their music. They sure can be a perfect support band for international groups on stage. However they still can play in their country and enjoy it. About this album, there are two different options: déjà-vu or a good record to be listened with friends at home, with full of beer and a real good time. It can be the rock album from the far North.

Just enjoy it!

Olivier Aubry

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