What You See is What You Get!
(1994 - New released at Southern Records 2015)


Phillip Buchanan - vocals & harmonica
Jim Bo Wright - guitar
Joe Bob Aukofer - guitar
Sean Miller - bass
Jarrett Todd Johnston – drums


1 - Same Old
2 - Take A Look
3 - Carry Me Home
4 - Mama´s Song
5 - Old Dirty Road
6 - Catfish
7 - Hank
8 - Country Road
9 - Mississippi

This band from Georgia has recorded only one album in 1994, issued again on Southern Records. When you listen to that album, Lynyrd Skynyrd influences are obvious, and the singer's voice is close to Ronnie Van Zant's. There a little of the Marshall Tucker Band too, a kind of the Allman Brothers and their own style and you can figure what was Road Hawgs. "Same Old" is an old South song. It's a mid tempo son, close to MTB "Can't you see" and a Gary Rossington style solo. "Take a look" looks like "Gimme back my bullets" with a good job from the two guitarists. The beautiful Southern ballad "Carry me Home" is between the Marshall Tucker Band and Gregg Allman with a beautiful guitar sound and a real great Break in the middle of the song. "Mamma's song" is a hypnotic song, just like Lynyrd Skynyrd "Double Trouble" or Molly Hatchet "The Creeper". But the surprise is the Allman Brothers style final. "Old Dirt Road" is a beautiful ballad with two acoustic guitars and a harmonica, and brings us on the Deep Georgia roads. Let's also talk about "Catfish" (a mid-tempo Skynyrd style) and "Country Road" (a good Southern Boogie). "Hank" is my favorite song, a wonderful Country ballad tribute to Hank Williams with a steel guitar solo. The album ends on "Mississippi" a great Southern ballad that reminds us of Lynyrd Skynyrd. These guys from Georgia took a good time and were gifted. But the 90's were not good for that style of music. I don't know if we could find this album in Europe. We can't forget these musicians' authenticity and honesty, their dreams have been lost in the years. Only this album remains, unique witness of their forgotten talent. So long!

Olivier Aubry

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