After seventeen years in the Police forces, Shane Newbrough from Missouri is now a Rock singer. He met Michael "Goz" Gozlin (bass guitarist from Missouri) and Ryan Conners (guitarist from Houston Texas). Rock Road Rebels Horsepower is born. They just add a drummer from Hollywood. Two years and a half later, here is their first album. First, it begins with "Horsepower", a mix of "Bounty Hunter" and hard rock, with a good guitar solo. "Peach Street Boogie" is a classical Southern Boogie, but a heavy one with three guitar solos, between Southern Rock and Texan Rock. "Rock Road" is in the same way. We can enjoy "Prelude" (an instrumental song) and "One More Ride" (a heavy blues song with a guitar demonstration in the texas blues style). "Breathless" looks like the Peter Gunn theme and "The Struggle" shows his Texan influence. At the end, we get here a honest and kind record with good old Southern music right from Missouri. Sure guys in Rock Road Rebels enjoy rednecks in the bars. But if they work hard and if they are lucky, if they are on the local radios and if a producer enjoy what they do, maybe they can do it!

So let's enjoy that record before they become too famous!

Olivier Aubry

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