Wild Dogs

Mike Galloway comes from Florida and had played with Les Dudek. Tim Kelliher arrived in Florida when he was 2. This two musicians, with the help of a bassist and a drummer, give us some Blues music "mad in Florida", authentic and full of grease.

After a good album in 2008, "Outlaws and Renegades", they are back today with a new album full of Southern Blues. Mike Galloway sings and plays the harmonica. Tim Kelliher is on the guitar and sings on "Wild Dogs" and "Brokenhearted Blues". The album begins with "In the Ground", a good Blues full of rhythm, with harmonica, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Mike Galloway warm voice is perfect for the Blues and this guy is a master of the blues harmonica. For me it's the best song of the CD. Back to electricity and Swamp Blues on "All Night Blues", with a good guitar solo. "Call me when I fall" is close to BB King's "The Thrill is gone". The harmonica and the guitar solo are at the top. "Sugar Coated Love" with its slide guitar looks like the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Next is a Robert Johnson cover, "Love in Vain", and I find that this version is better than the Rolling Stones one (on "Let it bleed"). Mike Galloway's voice and his feeling are perfect for that song but that's just my opinion. We are back to the Chicago Blues on "Five day Rain" and to the Everglades swamps on "Sharecropper Blues".

On this record, you can find all what you enjoy: a deep harmonica, a sharp guitar, a voice full of Bourbon, the heat of the South. I already told it, Florida is full of good bands and musicians. This record is a proof of that. Florida for ever!

Olivier Aubry

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