Same (2015)


Robert Tubbs - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Jim Williams - electric & slide guitars, vocals
Gary Moore - bass, vocals
Greg Craig - drums, percussion
guest musicians: Graig Worley - harmonica / Hassell Teekell - keyboards / John Peck - fiddle, banjo / Randy Arthur - lap stell / Randy Fouts - string ensemble 


1 Molly, Molly
2 Searchin´
3 Smokin & Strokin´
4 Raise The Roof
5 Bad Man
6 Run Away
7 Freight Train
8 Some Day
9 Goin´ Down To Jimmy´s
10 Reprise Searchin

It's a gold mine for Southern Rock die-hard fans that has been reedited on cd. South Paw, from Shreveport, Louisiana, has only issued that album in 1980, on the wave of the Southern Rock Revival. But this album was a good one because of its atmosphere, the songs quality and the musicians' technical ability. This album begins with "Molly Molly" with a Poco country intro that becomes a good Southern Boogie that looks like the Outlaws. The Southern ballad "Searchin'" is very good in the Henry Paul style with a great guitar solo and a piano final. "Smokin' and strokin'" reminds us of the Outlaws great years. "Raise the Proof" (Southern Boogie) and "Bad Man" (Mid-tempo Southern rock) are also good. "Run away" begins just like a beautiful Southern ballad that speeds in a Country mode and then in a speed Rock song. Excellent job! "Freight Train" is a Southern Boogie instrumental song with harmonica and slide guitar that becomes a Blues-Rock song. "Some Day" intro looks like a traditional Country song but a sudden acceleration talks about the Outlaws or the New Riders of the Purple Age. Just note the quality of "Goin' down to Jimmy", a good Boogie song with a good piano solo and a guitar solo just like Molly Hatchet. Influences are obvious but South Paw offers us a real personal music and could have make it with a little bit of luck. Unfortunately, the success road is hard to follow and fate hasn't chosen them. For me, I didn't know that band and I'm very happy to have discovered it. So, let's take professor Indiana Jones example and just enjoy this lost treasure.

Olivier Aubry

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