Southern Native (2016- Loud and Proud)

This album will maybe talk about but not in the good way. I mean a little bit because we get here an anecdotic and superficial record. I know, musicians know how to play and are pretty much gifted. And there’s a good production, a great sound and good advices from Mr. Rickey Medlocke who takes care of his toy musical evolution. But, after many auditions, we just can say it is catastrophic! There are some good songs in a bad Hard Rock swamp, such as the fast “Need my Ride” or “Southern Native”. Other songs are not so bad (« Every man », « Whiskey train », « Satisfied man » with its medium tempo). Unfortunately, guitarist-singer voice is close to English pop-music… very far away from Southern rock. There’s a good cover of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Ohio”, and Rickey Medlocke himself on guitar on the hard song “Love this Town”. There’s a Hispanic instrumental song at the end (“Diablo loves Guitar”), maybe the album best song. It can seem hard but it’s fair! It could have been different for an unknown band first album. This could have been the album Blackfoot from the band Southern Native, a band from Florida for instance. It could have made it. But, here, this ain’t the great Blackfoot! Mister Medlocke has had a special idea to change his band in a kind of tribute band he sometimes joins when he has time enough. Did he want to get more money or did he want his band to continue to play? Or maybe it’s just for fun? But it’s not funny for us!

Olivier Aubry

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