Danny Gray - vocals

Rocky Diamond - lead guitar

Chris Krause - drums

Todd Dyer - bass, harmonica

Jeff Scott - guitar 


1 Southern Pryde

2 Love Song

3 Texas Tango

4 Stop Running Away

5 Sold My Dog

6 Stagecoach Ride

7 The Seductress

8 Ready For The Highway

9 You´ve Done Me Wrong

10 Sweet Georgia Lucy

11 Next To You

12 Travelin´ Song

13 I´m In Love With My Baby

14 Since I Left You

15 Let Those Puppies Breathe

This band from Florida has only created one album in 1997. They have two good guitar players. There are real good song on that album. First, “Southern Pryde”, with a Y just like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Rhythm also reminds us of this musical giant. It’s a kind of speed swamp music where many great southern rockers are evocated, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan (don’t ask why). Florida musicians also play Charlie Daniels style Southern Boogie (“Texas Tango”) and melodic Southern ballad (« Love song », « You’ve done me wrong », « Next to you » and the superb « Stop runnin’ away » with a splendid solo). Let’s talk also of “Sold my Dog”, swing Rhythm n’ Blues with harmonica and “Sweet Georgia Lucy” a heavy rock song just like “Bonie Moronie”. “Stagecoach Ride” has country influences is somewhere between the Marshall Tucker band and The Outlaws. Then, “Since I left you” is a real warm Blues song with a burning slide guitar. Real good job indeed! It’s pity that Diamond Gray has not made it in the music world because it was a gifted band but, unfortunately, there’s no place enough in music business.

Olivier Aubry

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