Understanding Gravity (2016)


Charlie Granberg, Vocals

Peter Henriksson, Guitar & Vocals

Patrik Jansson, Drums & Percussions

Martin Karlsson, Bass & Vocals

Mats Olsson, Guitar & Vocals

Thomas Petterson, Piano & Organ


1 Earth’s Gonna Shake

2 As Dreams Go By

3 No Regrets

4 Dizzy Jonsson & The Rovers

5 You Saved Me

6 How Lonely It Must Be Being You

7 Reincarnated The Same As I Ever Was

8 The War Is Over

9 Sail On My Seasick Brethren

10 Golden Haze

11 When The Music Ruled The World

12 Lonely Planet

On that last album, this Northern group takes a melodic way with great compositions. It begins with “Earth’s gonna shake” a country-pop song with a piano solo and Allman Brothers style guitars at the end. Even if “As Dreams go by” arrangements look like English pop, this song is close to what Byrds did. “No regrets” is an interesting pop song with guitars in harmony and “Dizzy Jonsson and the Rovers” begins with a religious organ and has a nice guitar solo. “You Saved Me” begins with Allman Brothers guitars style and becomes a Country-Americana song on a fast rhythm with a great solo. Don’t forget “How Lonely it must be being you”, an acoustic ballad with a violin. Others songs are pretty good too. A refreshing record with a very well done harmony of guitars.

Olivier Aubry

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