On The Road Live (2015)

Musicians :

Ruben Killian - lead vocals
Christoph Berner - guitar
Volker Dörfler - guitar
Ralf Mende - bass & vocals
Klaus Brosowski - keyboards
Helmut Kipp - drums & percussion
Wolgang Rosner - drums & percussion


1 I Don’t you Know

2 Tell Me

3 Fire on The Mountain

4 Whipping Post

5 Don’t Waste Your Life

6 Doin’ It Again

7 Coming Home

8 Moving On

9 Simple Man

10 Worry No More

For a long time, we don’t need to introduce that German group. It is not as known as Scorpions or Michael Schenker Group because he plays Southern Rock, a more discreet music style. However that band is now famous enough in the European Southern world for two main reasons. First, all musicians are excellent technicians who play as well as the American ones (it’s not always real with other bands). Then, Doc Holliday’s Bruce Brookshire supports them. Singer Georg Bayer unfortunately died and future was uncertain. But Lizard musicians stayed on the road with a new singer. Last album presents the best moments of two shows recorded April 2015 the 23rd and 24th in Germany. New singer Ruben Killian is good enough and brings his own style to Georg Bayer songs. Musicians do their best and sound, clear and good enough, is enormous, maybe because of the two drummers. “Don’t you know” is the first song with guitars in harmony. We get an organ solo, a break and a guitar solo. Lizard plays in Doc Holliday footsteps on “Tell me”, an excellent Southern Rock song with a great slide guitar and a country chorus. Georgia Satellites shadow is on “Don’t waste your Life” and ballad “Coming Home” is in the real Southern tradition with a speed final and guitars exchanges. “Moving On” (Southern rock blues co-written by Bruce Brookshire) shows a break moment with the two drum kits, guitars in harmony and a good organ final. Bruce is really present! “Worry no more” (co-written by Bruce Brookshire) is a hypnotic swamp-rock song with a slide guitar solo. After these good moments, let’s go to the covers time: there are four covers! On a ten-song album, it is too much and we’d prefer personal songs. If a band plays a song from a band he enjoys, why not, but not four, even if Southern tradition and musical heritage are two main aspects of Southern Rock. So, even if these are some little reproaches, let’s see these covers. Marshall Tucker Band “Fire on the Mountain” is a good one, even if it is really close to what Doc Holliday did. Talkin’ about the Doc, they also play “Doin’ it again” with Lizard musicians names at the end. Lynyrd Skynyrd “Simple Man” cover is in a particular way with special guitar moments. Only “Whipping Post” is not really good, because, even if there’s a good slide guitar and two drummers, they are too far away from the Southern feeling. In spite of these little reproaches, this album shows what will be Lizard future, an excellent band that seems to have many good years to play again. That’s a good thing!

Olivier Aubry

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