Redneck Revival (2014)


Greg McHam - vocals & guitar
Eric Shively - bass & vocals
Leif Shively - lead guitar
Kevin Davis – drums


1. Southern Way
2. Dirt Po
3. Whiskey
4. Kentucky
5. Home
6. Redneck Revival
7. Red Worm
8. It Goes On

Don’t doubt, this band from Louisiana has the Southern look and spirit. He made a simple, sympathetic but efficient album. Kentucky Headhunters’ Richard Young has made the production. First “Southern Way” is heavy with a great slide guitar. “Dirt po (redneck rich)” is a medium southern rock looks like the new Lynyrd Skynyrd (singer voice is close to Johnny Van Zant one). There are country parts and solo is short but heavy. There is another good Southern Rock song on “Redneck Revival” with a wah-wah guitar close to Hard Rock. “Kentucky” is a beautiful ballad with a solo full of Southern feeling. “Whiskey” has a great harmonic construction : FM intro, .38 Special rhythm, a slow chorus with melodic moments and a good guitar solo. “Home” is heavy but “Red Worm” is pretty good enough. Album ends on “It goes on”, a ballad in the new Lynyrd Skynyrd style (voice is still close to Johnny Van Zant’s) with a great solo full of sustain just like Gary Rossington. To conclude, Louisiana Swamp Donkey guys play a classic Southern Rock but do it well and give this pleasant album. Let’s wish them a long career. Southern Rock forever.

Olivier Aubry

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