This Town Ain’t Pretty (2015)


Pat Terranova - lead vocals
Rich Pierce - guitar
Sam Jochananov - guitar
Mitch Farber - guitar
John O'brien - bass & background vocals
James Porreca - drums & background vocals
Brian Webster - keyboards
Abbey Loren - keyboards
Andrew Bryniarski - background vocals
Marc Loren - background vocals
Sam Jochananov - background vocals


1. Sleeping With The Devil
2. Carolina
3. I Don't Blame You
4. Sun's a Risin'
5. Can't You Hear My Heart Cry
6. Redneckin' Witcha
7. Visions Of You
8. Pain
9. The Answer
10. This Town Ain't Pretty

This band from the Florida everglades has issued his second album ten years after the first one. Florida has a lot of gifted bands and Rambler musicians are in that way. Singer Pat Terranova voice spreads rock and bourbon, guitar players are full of virtuosity and other musicians can make it too. That’s why we get an efficient and nice record, but surprising because of many ballads (even if they are beautiful). “Sleeping with the devil” intro is played by a slide guitar and becomes a heavy song full of guitars and heavy solos. “Redneckin’ Witcha” is heavier and plays loud. Then, Southern ballads arrive such as “Carolina” and “I don’t blame you”. “Can you hear my heart cry” is wonderful and looks like Molly Hatchet’s”Goodbye to Love”. And what a solo! “”Visions of You” and “Pain” are other efficient ballads. And guess what, there are two more ballads to end the record: “The Answer” (with great solos) and the very well done with acoustic guitars “This Town ain’t pretty”. Rambler guys know how to play and bring the Southern flag very high with this excellent record. Will they have success they deserve? However, Florida can be proud of his sons!

Olivier Aubry

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