I Just Got To Keep On Movin’ (2016)


1.Long Way To Go
2.I Walk The Line
3.Born Under A Bad Sign
4.Bring It On Home To Me
5.I Guess I Was Wrong

It’s funny to see some Japanese musicians being so involved in American music and how good they are. Toshihiro Sumitomo who played in the Savoy Truffle is one of those guys. On that 5 song-album, we could think we listen to an American blues-rock band. Bass player and drummer know their job and Toshihiro is great on his slide guitar. And he sings in perfect English giving more authenticity to his music. So, “I can’t live another day” has a finger picking rhythm and a great slide guitar. Then we get two mid-tempo Blues-Rock songs “Set me free” and “TV Mama”. “Get me out of this Pain” is a fast Blues Rock song and is, with “I can’t live another day” best song of the album. Then “I just got to keep on movin’” is pretty good enough. We could think that five songs are enough. But that’s the Blues-Rock problem, the risk of monotony, and the Japanese guitarist is not guilty about that. Toshihiro Sumitomo has taken this musical style, he knows the foundations and knows how to play it. Result is remarkable! One thing is sure: listening to this record will lead many guitarists to hara-kiri!

Olivier Aubry

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