Red, White & Blue Live (2016- Loud and Poud)

A show of the most famous brothers in Southern Rock, it’s a real event, even if this show has been recorded ten years ago! This recording has been mad January 2006 the 28th in Valdosta Georgia, and present the whole album “get right with the man” (issued in 2005) with some bonuses. Let’s go direct, it’s a real pleasure to listen to the brothers on the same stage. “Takin’ up Space” has a medium tempo with a good guitar solo, and the beautiful ballad « Ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do » is really efficient. Guitar player is free on “Sweet Mama” (already on Lynyrd Skynyrd Vicious Cycle issued in 2003). Donnie Van Zant talks about his career in .38 Special on a very good cover of “Wild Eyed Southern Boys” with the intro on piano. Duets singers also sing two country ballads “Help Somebody” and “I can’t help myself”, a melodic ballad “Things I miss the most” and two rock songs “Plain Jane” and “I’m doin’ allright”. Then Johnny Van Zant reminds of Lynyrd Skynyrd with a good cover of “Red, White and Blue” with a great solo. Van Zant brothers sing their new album single “My kinda Country” and end the show with two classic songs “Call me the Breeze” and “Sweet Home Alabama”. Just before that, Johnny Van Zant talks about Lynyrd Skynyrd entrance at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Good and complete, in the American way. Maybe some people could say this recording is old now and just issued for money. Maybe, but it’s so good!

Olivier Aubry

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