Same (1980-reissued 2016)

Musicians :

Tom Scott - lead guitar & vocals
Tony Lebar - guitar
Bruno Bianchi - bass
Chuck Meadus - drums & vocalsTitles:

1. Wanted: Dead Or Alive
2. Mississippi Woman
3. Wasted Days
4. Rough And Ready
5. Too Long Gone
6. Play The Hand
7. Goodbye My Friends

A famous name for an unknown band. We just know that this band comes from the USA and has issued, in 1980, a seven-song album with a Molly Hatchet influence. FM intro on “Wanted Dead or Alive” is surprising but song becomes soon close to Molly’s first album with a special guitar solo. Hatchet is back on “Mississippi Woman”, a mix of “Big Apple” and “Trust your old Friend”. A nice duet, just like Duane Roland, is present on “Wasted days” and the two guitar players make questions-answers on “Rough and Ready” (a fast Southern Boogie). Miss Molly spirit is still present on “Play the Hand” and “Goodbye my Friends” (medium tempo and acceleration in a fast boogie). Musicians are pretty good and their work is coherent. Sound is rough and very close to Molly Hatchet first album one. Mix of the guitars is too low and drums are not clear enough and reveal an auto production. Boogie Hunter guys didn’t hide their influences. They honesty played but didn’t get the level of their masters. This record reveals the huge impact of Molly Hatchet on such young bands at their beginnings. This album has been issued by Southern Records for die-hard fans. A famous name for an unknown band which is still unknown.

Olivier Aubry.

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