Night Hawk (2016)


1. Big Balls In Cowtown
2. Billy the Kid
3. Night Hawk
4. Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)
5. Goodnight Loving Trail
6. (Ghost) Riders In the Sky
7. A Cowboy Legend
8. Running With the Crowd
9. Old Chisholm Trail
10. Can't Beat The Damned
11. Ole Machine
12. Yippie Ki Yea

Charlie, eighty years old since October, is still alive and well. He is dressed like a cowboy with his gun on the cover, he is a real republican and supports the NRA. And, in a little bit more than 30 minutes (yes he is old now, albums are shorter), he pays a tribute to the cowboys’ life. Campfire ambiance, with musicians playing fiddle, harmonica, acoustic guitar and the old famous song such as genre « Goodnight Loving Trail », « (Ghost) Riders In the Sky », « Old Chisholm Trail ». Charlie says « Most of what we know about cowboys comes from movies and television  Truth is that real cowboys don’t fight in saloons, but work hard and stay long hours on their saddles.” Yes it’s true, but why play such famous songs ? To give a tribute to the cowboys he could have chosen unknown or old songs, playing them with new arrangements. It’s different here and even if they do play well those songs, we don’t get anything new for Charlie’s legend.

Michel Bertelle

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