On Safari (2016)


Richard Young - rhythm guitar & lead vocals
Doug Phelps - bass & lead vocals
Greg Martin - lead guitar & vocals
Fred Young - drums, percussion & vocals
Additional musician :
Kevin McKendree – keyboards


1. Beaver Creek Mansion - 4:06
2. Deep South Blues Again - 3:11
3. I Am The Hunter - 3:52
4. Caught In A Dream - 3:26
5. Crazy Jim - 4:12
6. Big Time - 3:04
7. Lowdown Memphis Town Blues - 3:35
8. Rainbow Shine - 3:11
9. Way Down Yonder - 3:16
10. Jukebox Full Of Blues - 2:07
11. God Loves A Rolling Stone - 3:30
12. Governors Cup - 1:59

A new album of the Kentucky Headhunters is always good news, because we know we are going to get a good amount of Rock n’ Roll in the ears. This album is unfortunately sad because brothers Young’s father just died three days before the recordings session. However, band has made its best and has recorded heavy songs with Greg martin expressive guitar. Southern style on a medium tempo is present on “Beaver Creek mansion” (with a very good slide solo) and “I am the Hunter”. We also get straight rock songs (“Deep South Blues again”) and rock of the fifties (“Jukebox full of Blues” with a redneck slide guitar and a piano solo). Alice Cooper’s “Caught in a Dream” cover is surprising. There’s also a slow and melodic country ballad (“God loves a Rolling Stone”) and a nice instrumental song (“Governor’s cup”). But it’s not over, because there are three other good songs, such as “Crazy Jim” a melodic Southern ballad with a wonderful guitar part full of feeling. Then we get “Lowdown Memphis town Blues”, a country-soul song on a good melodic theme. Then “Way down yonder” which is a medium temp Southern rock song with a brilliant solo. It’s obvious because this last song has been created by Mister Charlie Daniels back in 1977. Kentucky Headhunters are back and well alive with this delicious “On Safari”. This band is like a good bourbon, heavy and torrid first and then smooth and sweet. These boys do really come from Kentucky!

Olivier Aubry

This album has just been recorded three days after Richard and Fred Young father just passed away. This eleventh album starts heavily on “Beaver Creek Mansion” and “Deep South Blues”, two heavy songs close to Blackberry Smoke and the Black Crowes. “Way Down Yonder” is close to Lynyrd Skynyrd and “Jukebox full of Blues” is the album best boogie song. Country influences of the previous albums have been set in the basement and we get here some heavy rock sound. Only “Crazy Jim” and “Lowdown Memphis Town Blues” are cooler, but this album is still heavy and short enough that shows that, even if they play for a long time, these musicians are still alive and well in the heavy Rock with Southern roots environment. A simple but efficient and heavy album.

Michel Bertelle

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