Same (2016)


Douglas Gery - lead guitar & background vocals
Jimmy Hamilton - lead vocals & acoustic guitar
Bryan Graves - bass
Jamie Smith – drums


1. See Me Electric
2. Celebrate
3. I'm What It Looks Like
4. Christ On My Pocket
5. What If?
6. Church Bell Groove
7. Love Is Everything
8. Just Another Hallelujah Song
9. Wait For You
10. Baggage Claim

Newcomers from the Tennessee with Silverfish set up this year, where an old acquaintance slogs on, the guitarist Douglas Gery who had especially enchanted us with his ardent guitar on the excellent Catawompus album "Well, it's About Time !" released in 2001 by the German label Halycon Music. Douglas still has that punchy side just like in the days of Catawompus but less talkative with Silverfish, Christian Rock Classic Rock band that releases this ten title album with of course some Southern atmospheres, set up at the start with " See Me Electric " that eyes toward the Black Crowes with a good little solo from Douglas Gery. Arrive " Celebrate ", some Southern Country Rock with llight harmonies of guitar, embellished by the good job at the very good singer Jimmy Hamilton's vocal level, then an Americana side with praise in the Almighty on " I'm What It Looks Like ". We think about the recipe Billy Grain in accordance also on " Christ On My Pocket ", a music more in keeping with the Catawompus album 'The Slam Bam Jam' dating 2002. We can feel something more aggressive on " What If ", a bell begins ringing to start the charge for good classic rock on " Church Bell Groove " and " Love Is Everything ".

Well I stop the homily because it's time to pass the hat around for Silverfish by telling you that this record deserves to be listened to with attention, because in the first listening we are left unsatisfied, it is necessary to persevere to conclude that from it we have to deal with musicians viscerally lived by their art which aims to be modern, very fashionable.

For those who want to be converted to the Christian Rock here is a great site While I am at it to catechize, here is very rare cult long-playing record dating 1982 republished in CD, some pure juice Southern from Georgia by the name of DAMASCUS ROAD / I Am A Light, power trio typed Skynyrd, ZZTop with a good axe and all that stuff. Damascus Road, patronymic running in the Christian Rock, Bruce Brookshire from Doc Holliday had made it his in 2001 for his solo album, and we also have another very interesting released in 1977 named "A Glimpse of Freedom", some good Texan Southern Country Rock, also lightened by heavens. The solo album " Eagle's Flight " dating 2002 of Harvey Jett, Black Oak Arkansas' guitarist, can also be listened to without displeasure with the title " Sweet Home in Heaven " exact copy of the Skynryd's " Sweet Home Alabama ". HALLELUIA !

Jacques Dersigny

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