Promised Land (2016)


Gianluca "Luke" Paterniti : lead & background vocals
Diego “Blef” Dragoni: electric & acoustic guitars, banjo
Fabrizio Costa : bass
Daniele Vacchini : drums & percussions

Additional Musicians :
Anchise Bolchi : pedal steel
Mario Percudani : guitar & background vocals
Paolo “Apollo” Negri : Clavinet & organ
Marcella Casciaro : background vocals
Sara Matera : background vocals


1. Black Madame
2. Rattlesnake Trail
3. The Road Is My Home
4. Damage Is Done
5. The Basement
6. Last Train
7. Floorwashing Machine Man
8. Stage
9. Turn It Up
10. Thunderstorm
11. Proud & Rebel
12. No More

This Italian band issued a fourth album, kind and full of different music and with good songs. Heavy Rock song “Black Madame” is great with a good solo. Then arrives a Southern ambiance on the very good “Rattlesnake Trail”. “The Road is my Home” is a Country and Southern Rock mix with a good guitar and a Gary Rossington style solo. “Damage is done” has a melodic chorus and a great guitar solo. Good spirit! “The Basement” is close to the new Lynyrd Skynyrd with a real great slide guitar solo. “Last Train” is close to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “This ain’t my America”. There’s a good guitar job on that song with a good melodic line. “Turn it up” has a good program: speedy rock with great guitars. “Thunderstorm” is astonishing because of a Hard Rock inspiration and a soft melody. It’s interesting! Then we do enjoy “no More” a great country ballad (Dobro and violin) on a melodic slide guitar. Spirit of Ronnie Van Zant song “All I can do is write about it” is present on that song which is the best of the album. Smokey Fingers musicians are gifted and have good influences on their own style. Their album is good, well made and efficient. It’s hard to believe that they are not Americans. Their fingers are really smoking! Congratulations!

Olivier Aubry

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