All or Nothin' (2016)

This band is issued of the famous Jacksonville and has been gathered in 2013. Before, guitarist Curt Towne and singer and harmonicist James Aaron played in different bands, even if they often played together. They played at the opening of the Ronnie Van Zant Park, and Melody Van Zant gave Ronnie’s famous hat to James Aaron. It means something. They played together in the Randall Hall band, but it failed to achieve. They have recorded a demo that Curt Towne gave to his pal Johnny Van Zant... so they were invited on the Simple Man cruise.

Now this band has been the special guest of many groups such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackberry Smoke, Montgomery-Gentry, and has now recorded his first album. And this album hurts and proves that Southern Rock is not dead and Jacksonville is the real music capital. First there’s a heavy beginning with “County Lines” and its good chorus and a terrible guitar solo close to Jeff Carlisi. Very good work! “Watcha gonna do” is hypnotic on a medium tempo with a good harmonica and a great rock guitar solo. A special mention to “All or Nothin’”, a great song, melodic and rock with a very good solo. There’s a kind of Bob Seger ambiance. A really good one! “Train” is a Southern Ballad also good. “Maybelline” begins as an acoustic ballad and becomes a good Southern Rock song with a killer solo. The quiet “Two Byrds” and “Breakin’ Hearts again” have real good guitar solos. And “Livin’ Hard” is between Southern Rock and New Country. We can feel that “Long Live my Country” comes from Florida. “Amazing Grace” is the last song with the voice of a young child. Tradition is real! At the end, we got everything, sound, songs, music, James Aaron voice full of Florida’s sun and Bourbon, Curt Towne flashing guitar, Jacksonville spirit. A very good album made in Florida. Southern Rock will never die!

Olivier Aubry

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