Live! Greatest Hits From Around The World (2016)


Billy Gibbons - guitar & vocals
Dusty Hill - bass & vocals
Frank Beard - drums

Jeff Beck - guitar on "Rough Boy" & "Sixteen Tons"
James Harman - harmonica on ""Waitin' For The Bus" & "Jesus Just Left Chicago"


1. Got Me Under Pressure
2. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
3. Cheap Sunglasses
4. Waitin’ For The Bus
5. Jesus Just Left Chicago
6. Legs
7. Sharp Dressed Man
8. Rough Boy
9. Pincushion
10. La Grange
11. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
12. Tube Snake Boogie
13. Gimme All Your Lovin’
14. Tush
15. Sixteen Tons

Another live album of ZZ Top, after Live from Texas in 2008 and Live in Germany 1980 issued in 2011 with many same songs. Beard musicians shows are now less exciting and shorter than before (1hour30 minutes with the encores!) and are all very similar. So, to make it a little bit different, Jeff Beck has been invited on two songs, “Rough Boy” and “Sixteen Tons” recorded in London. Beck asks no question, plays as loud as possible and the other musicians have to follow him or die. So beard musicians strike back. But, in spite of this two bonus songs, here we get classical ZZ Top with all the hits « Gimme All Your Lovin »« Tush » « La Grange »… And again we do enjoy that. Sound is enormous, even if Frank Beard seems to have difficulties to follow his band mates. ZZ Top is just like Jack Daniels. We do know the taste, we are not surprised, but we still go back to it!

Michel Bertelle

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