Trat You Mean (1983 – Southern Records


Jim McInnis - guitar & vocals
Mike Jokimaki - guitar & vocals
Ron McMinn - bass & vocals
John Dominas - drums

Titles :

1. Buzzard Boogie
2. Shake It Up
3. We're Gonna Try
4. Snake In The Grass
5. Tain't Nothing Like It
6. Treat You Mean
7. Away From Home
8. So Long
9. Another Lonely Weekend
10. Grim Reaper Blues

Canada has many good bands and excellent musicians. But a group from this country that plays Southern Rock, it’s pretty much rare. Buzzard Band has issued that only album in 1983, and we just can regret that there has been no other. Musicians were really good, technical and feeling, and knew what Southern music is to create their own musical environment.

First, it’s really serious on “Duzzard Boogie” that’s looking just like ZZ Top’s “Heard it On The X” speeder with two aggressive guitars. “Shake it Up” is good and guitarist-singer voice is close to Johnny O’Daniel one’s. It’s the same on “We’re Gonna Try” in the Point Blank style for a real Rock song with great solos. “Snake In The Grass” is a swinging rock song, somewhere between Lynyrd Skynyrd “I Know A Little” and Robert Gordon version of “”Rockabilly Boogie”. “Treat You Mean” is a country-rock song that looks like Flying Burritos Brothers’ “Six Days on the Road”. Outlaws influence is obvious on the country-ballad “Away from Home”. This song is really the best one. And the country song “Another Lonely Week-end” is at the level of what did guys from Nashville. “Grim Reaper Blues” is an astonishing blues song with two dobros and a harmonica. Forgotten for a long time, this group let us this very interesting record that could get success. I don’t know what have become these musicians but if they are still alive (drummer has a facebook page) they can be proud of what they did.

Olivier Aubry


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