Both Ends Burning - 1997 – Southern Records

These Norwegian guys have issued some albums between 1988 and 1995 and this is a kind of compilation we talk about here, with fourteen songs that show this band’s career. Musicians have a good musical level, English lyrics are OK and there’s nothing to say about the sound. They seem to have Southern influences with hard-rock moments that created a style perfect to be heard on stage. So, the good rock song “Queen of Sheba” is the perfect example, with good guitar solo and southern colors. “Woman I’m Lovin’” begins with the sound of a motorbike and becomes a speed rock close to hard-rock with heavy guitars. Southern hard rock is back on “It ain’t just for Fun” that looks like Henry Paul’s “The Outlaw” (on “Soldiers of Fortune” Outlaw album in 1986). There’s a good surprise with the cover of Mountain “Theme from an imaginary western” (written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown) with a saxophone solo. “Well Educated Woman” brings us back to the Southern ambiance and makes us think at Charlie Daniels’ “Trudy”, but faster and with a good Stratocaster solo. There also are some good songs such as “Made in a Hurry” (ZZ Top influence), “Wild Cat Moan” (Mid-tempo Southern rock), “Make up your Mind” (Rock that stomp our feet!), “All Roads lead Home” (nice Southern Ballad) and “Back on my Own” (a bluesy ballad). With all that stuff, Divin’ Ducks must have warmed up the Norwegian atmosphere when they came on stage.

Olivier Aubry

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