Same (1995 - Southern Records


John Tuliszewski - vocals
Suha Gur - acoustic, rhythm & slide guitar
Rick Baldassari - rhythm, lead & slide guitar, dobro
Ted Liwacz - keyboards & piano
Bob Eckman - bass
Phil Laird – drums


1. Late One Evening
2. On The Rocks
3. Rudy's Lincoln
4. Please Help Me
5. Jessie Gray
6. Midnight Train
7. Lay My Pistols Down
8. There's A Storm Comin'
9. My Way On The Highway
10. Talk The Tal

A band from New Jersey who plays Southern Rock? Why not? This record, issued in 1995, was pretty good enough to be enjoyed by this musical style fans, first with a Southern boogie style just like .38 Special first albums. Singer voice was closed to Donnie Van Zant one. Guitar players were really good, piano player too and the rhythm section had no bad moments. Songs were hard enough. Southern boogie? Yes, just like “Late one Evening” and “Rudy’s Lincoln” with a good guitar solo and a perfect slide guitar. “On the Rocks” is nice too with swinging guitars. Band slowed a little on “Jesse Gray” (acoustic instrumental song) and full of Southern soul on “Midnight Train”. There a bike sound to begin “There’s a Storm comin’” and a brilliant slide solo at the end. And “Talk Talk” reminds us of the beginnings of .38 Special. Yes, this record was really very good and could have made it… if it had been issued at the end of the seventies or at the beginning of the eighties. In 1995, this style was out to date, and the sound was too old. Gunsmoke guys sure did enjoy creating that album and could have no regret to do it, and those who listen to is today can really enjoy it.

Olivier Aubry

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