Luke Smith - guitar & vocals
Bob Miller - bass & vocals
Tommy Conway - drums

1 - Barbecue
2 - Get It While You Can
3 - Heartbreak Man
4 - Late Last Night
5 - Out On The White Line
6 - Last Ride
7 - Rollin Into Georgia
8 - What We´ve Lost
9 - Run From The Night
10 - More Than Words
11 - Whole Wheat Muffins

This album has been created by a band from Georgia in 1997 and, even is sound is not good enough, it is pretty much interesting. We just can note some ZZ Top effects on “Barbecue” (with a slide guitar intro and a heavy boogie-rock) and “Rollin’ into Georgia” (a mid-tempo Blues Rock close to what did ZZ Top at his best). But this record has got other surprises like “Get it while you can” (a Status Quo style boogie) or “Heartbreak Man” (a melodic ballad with a guitar just like Eric Clapton one on “Wonderful Tonight”). Just note too “Out on the White Line” and a particular guitar solo, “Last Ride” (psychedelic sound) and “Whole Wheat Muffins” (a nice acoustic Country Blues). This record, neither genius, neither bad, is easy to listen to but it’s not the album of the century.

Olivier Aubry


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