Left Turn At Albuquerque - 1997 - Southern Records


Phillip Buchanan - vocals & harmonica
Jim Bo Wright - guitar
Joe Bob Aukofer - guitar
Sean Miller - bass
Jarrett Todd Johnston - percussion


1. 3 x A Fool
2. Another Day
3. Other Half
4. You Or The Devil
5. Wild Ride
6. One Horse Town
7. Brother
8. Less For Them
9. Comin´ Home, Comin´ Down

We thought that this excellent band from Georgia only made one album in 1984. But we discover now that Road Hawgs had created another album in 1997. This second album is in the right line of the first one and we still find the Lynyrd Skynyrd influences with some country touches. Singer voice, always full of bourbon, takes us on the sunny Southern roads with guitars from the Mason-Dixon Line. First, “3X a Fool” as a good slide and rock guitar, “Brother” is in the same way.”Other half” is a ballad in the New Country wave and with an Outlaws ambiance looking at “There goes another Love Song”. “You or the Devil” is a Skynyrd style ballad (“All I Can Do Is Write About It”) with dobro and nice lyrics. “Wild Ride” looks like a Southern boogie Skynyrd style (“I Know A Little”) with good harmonica and slide guitar moments. There’s another Lynyrd first period reference on “Less for Them” on a medium and hypnotic tempo. Similarity is really incredible between Road Hawgs and the Jacksonville historic band. And the song “Comin’ Home, Comin’ Down” is real wonderful ballad where the guitar looks like Gary Rossington one’s. When we listen to that record, we just regret that this band hasn’t any more success. He seemed to be able to make it with a traditional Southern Rock that was not just a copy. Unfortunately fate has chosen another way. Happily we have this record to remind them!

Olivier Aubry

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