Rock n’ Roll Rowdies - 1983 – Southern Records


Tony Ray Bures - lead vocals
Charlie Bailey - guitar
Bobby Gibson - guitar
Stuart Holt - bass
Lloyd Doss - drums
Cherri Brakhop -  background vocals
Jo Harlow - background vocals


1 - Cyclone
2 - Next In Line
3 - Be Your Own Man
4 - Queen Of The Rock
5 - On The River Tonight
6 - Jezabel

We don’t know a lot about this band that has issued this only album in 1983, just that they maybe knew .38 Special guys because they talk about this band on the record cover. Or maybe it’s just because of their influence because it really looks like .38 Special first album. Spoonfed has the same kind of musicians (singer, two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and two female chorists). And music is really close to the two first albums of the Jacksonville group, with a touch of hard rock. This album only has six songs. Southern boogie is back on “Cyclone”. Then “Next in Line” has nice guitars moments. “Be Your Own Man” is close to .38 Special and “Queen of the Rock” brings us in a fast boogie (influence .38). On the opposite, “Jezabel” has a lack of inspiration, but guitar players are good enough to give this song better than what it is. Spoonfed could have a lack of originality but, when we know the time they create their album, it is not so bad. The real problem is about the sound of the album which has a lack of bass frequencies. Maybe it’s because it has been an auto-production. Don’t forget that a vinyl album was pretty expensive and maybe Spoonfed guys couldn’t afford a better product. Or maybe the record company had ripped them off. Who knows? From the past, here’s the only testimony of a disappeared band that has tried to make his dream possible.

Olivier Aubry

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