Family Matters (2015)

Titles :

1 Dark House

2 - True Beauty

3 - Lucky Penny

4 - Family Matters

5 - Road Warriors

6 - Glory

7 - Hurricane Helen

8 - Wilder Things

9 - Joe Parker

10 - 1928

The title of his last album probably takes on a significance for Billy Crain who found himself a new family in a genealogical sense of the term (a complicated story he details on his Internet site). Anyway, this superb record will surprise even more than a listener so much it's far from the traditional Southern Rock. It would rather be a very enjoyable to listen to mix of Country and Irish Pop. We are immediatly put in the mood with « Dark horse », tinged with Celtic and Pop Music traces. We can notice a beautiful guitar on the break and a very good final solo. Yet a pop atmosphere with « True beauty » and its ethereal axe that sends us a super solo. We can also notice celtic influences on « Lucky penny » and « Glory (Jim’s song) » as the final solo of « Family matters » is splendid. « Road warriors », a very mélodic ballad between Country et Big Rock US, hits the jackpot with its guitar Dire Straits style and an impressive final solo from the point of view of skill and feeling. To my opinion, we have here the best tune of the album. On the other hand, « Hurricane Helen » and « Wider things » don't appear to me to be imperishable just like « Joe Parker » that is worth above all for its killer solo. But Billy sorts it out with « 1928 » and a six-string to die for. So we have here a stylish record that stretches very finely, far from the electric deliriums and the steel tempos. Some will perhaps be disappointed but they will only have to console themselves enjoying the sublime guitar parts of Billy Crain, an artiste has the right to express himself in the register he wants. Bravo for your new record, Billy ! Next time, if you could even though slip a little Southern tune…

Olivier Aubry

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand

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