Perfectamundo (2015)

01. Got Love If You Want It
02. Treat Her Right
03. You're What's Happenin Baby
04. Sal Y Pîmiento
05. Pickin Up Chicks On Dowling Street
06. Hombre Sin Nombre
07. Quiero Mas Dinero
08. Baby Please Don't Go
09. Piedras Negras
10. Perfectamundo
11. Q-vb

And if Billy Gibbons is tired of the ZZ Top industry? Tired to wear the same hats, the same beard… He played in Bones, a TV show and sometimes on other musicians albums (Buddy Guy, Shemekia Copeland…) but he has some free time. So he remembers he already meet Tito Puente and his percussions in New York when he was young, his father who was an orchestra director having shown him the Caribbean percussions. But now, to record a solo album at the age of 66, it was hard to imagine. It's funny but this album, in spite of some good guitar parts, looks like a bad Santana record with too much organ parts. This ain't the record of the year but it is an original experiment that can be heard with no stress but not too long. We'd prefer a good new ZZ Top album, full of blues and only in trio with just a few Cuban percussions only.

Michel Bertelle

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