Swampland (2015)

Titles :

01 - Seminole Wind

02 - Rattlesnake Rattle

03 - Swampland

04 - Visions Of You

05 - Bayou Lacombe

06 - Crosses By The Road

07 - Virginia Moon

08 - Mississppi Blue

09 - Rock N Roll Blues

10 - Hicks From The Sticks

For the cover alone the purchase of this album is deeply recommanded. The quiet, bucolic bayou, its superb colours, the calm herons in the sunset, and look at carefully, a sly alligator perhaps hides out. It's the second album of Buster Cousins under this name, but we also have to consider the Mike Galloway and Tim Kelliher Outlaws & Renegades with almost the same musical team, except that the guy Tim isn't mentioned anywhere here. The music is more bucolic, quieter, less troubled than on the former Jacksonville, but it's absolutly superb. « Bayou Lacombe » reflect this approach, we really have here songs of the sunset when the sun goes down after a hot and clammy day before the packs of mosquitos pelt down on the poor humans (and I can tell you that the mosquitos in the bayou are little but really nasty). Mark Emerick, Commander Cody's gunslinger, is still here, a certain Professor Louis Hurwitz is on keyboards and produces the album. Shortly this record is superb from beginning to end, with a wave of a magic wand, it transposes you in the bayou, with musicians who play like they breathe. Perfect for the winter with a little Jack by the fireside !

Michel Bertelle

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand

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