Live back to Macon (2015)

Musicians :

Gregg Allman (voice, organ)

Scott Sharrard (guitar)

Ron Johnson (bass)

Ben Stivers (claviers)

Steve Potts (drums)

Marc Quinones (percussions)

Jay Collins (saxophone)

Art Edmaiston (saxophone)

Dennis Marion (trumpet)


Statesboro Blues
I'm No Angel
Queen Of Hearts
I Can't Be Satisfied
These Days
Ain't Wastin' Time No More
Brightest Smile In Town
Hot 'Lanta
I've Found A Love ##

Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
Before The Bullets Fly
Love Like Kerosene
Midnight Rider
Whipping Post
One Way Out

Our old friend Gregg offers us today a live recording of January 2014. One more! This pack has two CDs and a DVD with two extra songs. Eighteen songs that show the musical career of that blond hero from Georgia, coming from the repertoire of the Allman Brothers band and of the Gregg Allman V=Band, with some interviews of Gregg. Here, he has eight musicians around him: a drummer, a bassist, a keyboardist, a guitarist, a percussionist, two saxophones, and a trumpet. It's impossible to comment each song but there are some intense moments that bring the audience, and us at the same time, at the top of ecstasy. This band obviously plays the ABB classics (« Statesboro blues », « Hot’lanta », « Midnight rider », « Whipping post ») but Gregg also plays songs of the Gregg Allman Band Gregg Allman Band (« I’m no angel », « Just before the bullets fly ») and from his first solo album (« Queen of hearts », « These days »).. First, we can consider that Scott Sharrard on guitar is a good musician and that he plays in the Allman spirit. His solos are really good, in the classic way and in the slide way. Gregg is as good as always. He sometimes sings but always with the same feeling on his Hammond organ or his acoustic or electric guitar. "Melissa" is deeply moving with Scott Sharrard's great solo and Devon Allman who makes cry his white Gibson SG. It's harder on the highest notes but his warm and nostalgic voice always makes us shiver. His father's son is back on "One Way Out", with great drums and bass solos. There's nothing to throw away in the other songs. "Another Gregg Allman's live album" could say some people. "Incredible!" say the others. And these last ones are right. Don't forget: what do we have when Gregg will retire or will be dead? So let's just enjoy that live testimony of one of the last giants of this musical way born in Macon in 1969.

Olivier Aubry

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