Strong Will To Survive (2015)

The difference between this second Oncle Jack album « Strong Will To Survive » and the former « Magical Way », dating back to 2013, is that the band affirms in a nice way its identity giving priority to its own compositions, the whole in seven tunes plus a bonus spiced with a touch of Southern humour. Bravo for the aroma when opening the digipack where a cooking sausage from Toulouse takes center stage in the flames under the initial place of the CD, but also first of all, stop kidding, a rhythm section that guarantees a powerful groove, good guitars, a singer-harmoniscist with an aggressive voice that has background. Oncle Jack has the same approach than Chico Leroux's Truckers : to give priority to a large musical eclectism between « Heavy Blues Rock » and « Southern Rock » with a damn paw swipe striked right from the beginning on « Straight Arrow Straigh » and « Do No Harm », some classy efficient Southern Boogie Blues, that boosts your spîrit, especially on the ZZ Topian album title "Strong Will To Survive " embellished with a touch of thirds. Then arrive two little pearls « Down by The River » followed by the charming mid-tempo « Virtual Glory » from which a joyous and magnificently lyric guitar duel that remains the « Southern Rock » of the Germans of Lizard steps out of the bandbox. We recover some energy with « Knock Knock » that makes itch, that stimulate the ear with its groove that glances at AC/DC period Bon Scott. J.J. Cale and Skynyrd have the place of honour on « Marian Sanvensa » reproducing « Call Me The Breeze ». As finale, the bonus « Acoustic Tomatoes » gives a western acoustic rural atmosphere Ennio Morricone-like. This Strong Will To Survive is really cracking, to order pronto to Santa Claus despite its relative brevity. Oh the Nunkies, be careful, you could find yourself in a Chevaliers du Fiel sketch !

Jacques Dersigny

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand

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