That Easy (2015)

This combo from North Carolina sustains its momentum with this smocking record, mix of Classic Rock, Country and Southern Rock. We get off to a good start with « Fat boy » (cocktail of New Country and Southern Rock with a funky touch on the refrain) and its lively riff. We have to highlight the intervention of the violin and the axes' fierce solos that answer each other. The « Devil in my whiskey » verses flirt with the mid tempo Hard Rock as the refrains and the break turn towards the Southern Rock. The guitar solo particularly hits. The intro of « Two wheels » reminds the ABB or Charlie Daniels then the song starts with a great rush on a speeded up « rebel » rock in duet with Adrienne Nixon, the band's backing vocalist. We are eligible for a violin break and a guitar as rock'n roll as can be. I love « My drinking song », a « Southern Country » ballad enhanced with a violin escaped from the Appalachian Mountains and a six-string country at will. The singer Gig Michaels informs us about his tastes regarding the drinks (« I like beer and I really love tequila… whiskey and warm red wine »). I'm not a fan of « That easy » that reminds me, I don't know exactly why, the Guns N’ Roses' « November Rain ». On the other hand, the melodic « Changes » comes back to the « Southern country rock » of the old days. We can appreciate the successive solos of guitar, piano, dobro (by the by excellent) and violin. And thanks to Charlie Daniels for the inspiration. « Rollin’ » hurtles like a locomotive with good guitar solos. « I am » seems to pad a little but the tune speeds up to a good hit axe solo. We are close to the sublime with « Happy anniversary » in duet with Adrienne Nixon, a splendid and pared-down ballad with only a piano and a violin. « She’s country » closes the album praising the charms of a young beauty from the swamps. The introduction is played on banjo and violin then gives way to a typical Southern Rock tune with a hypnotic tempo. Very nice going ! One thing is certain, the lastest Swamp Da Wamp production aces and doesn't produce monotony.

Olivier Aubry

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand

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