Early Morning Shakes (2015)

After their two first excellent albums, this band from Texas offers us today the new… Street Survivors! I must explain that this band has created the album we were waiting since the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash in 1977, album that could have been issued in 1981 is the sound was not harder and the lack of inspiration. Some can say that this band has e lot of different influences, between Led Zeppelin and Southern influences, and is far away of the Country way of the first two albums…. Yes but listen to the rhythm parts, to the female choirs, the Billy Powell's piano, the violin, the acoustic moments and two guitar players full of feeling, a singer close to Ronnie's voice and we get here the real Lynyrd Skynyrd heirs (more than Blackberry Smoke). Cody Cannon's voice on David Allan Coe's cover is for Jawhawks fans.

Chris Marquis

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