Big Fun Trio (2017)

Elvin Bishop - guitar & vocals
Bob Welsh - guitar & piano
Willy Jordan - Cajon & vocals

Additional musicians :
Kim Wilson - harmonica
Ricky Estrin - harmonica
Charlie Musselwhite - harmonica & vocals

01. Keep On Rollin'
02. Honey Babe
03. It's You, Baby
04. Ace In The Hole
05. Let's Go
06. Delta Lowdown
07. It's All Over Now
08. 100 Years Of Blues
09. Let The Four Winds Blow
10. That's What I'm Talkin' About
11. Can't Take No More
12. Southside Slide

Ah, this good old Elvin ! Long time ago, Charlie Daniels and Molly Hatchet quoted him in their respective songs (« The south’s gonna do it again », « Gator country »). He embodies to him alone all the "fun" and all the "good time" present in the Southern music. Seventy-four-year-old (hey yes, time goes by), he continues to spread the good word of the blues and releases a new album, a real antidote against the ambient gloominess. Elvin begins with his so specific and characteristic rhythm, a mixture of blues and boogie evoking a railroad (the old men bluesmen had moreover been inspired by the noise of trains to find certain tempos). From the outset, that swings well with « Keep On Rollin' » (and its good piano solo) and « Honey Babe » with its finger picking rhythmic. Elvin also makes a foray in the field of the Chicago blues with « Can't Take No More » and the fast « It's You, Baby ». With his slide, he gets to the point and plays with feeling on the country-blues « Let The Four Winds Blow » and the instrumental « Southside Slide ». Also to notice, the excellent blues/swing instrumental « Ace In The Hole » with harmonica and piano. Elvin covers the popular « It's All Over Now » with his own style and a rythmic close to the « Memphis, Tennessee » og the great Chuck Berry. It’s worth the trip ! On « 100 Years Of Blues » (a suggestive title for a slow, emotional and sulphurous blues), he is supported by Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica. He evokes their youth to both, the artists whom they met and the awesome parties. He wonders how they were able to get through all this and he declares that with Charlie, they represent hundred years of blues. A promising introduction ! With this record, Elvin Bishop proves us that he is still fit and that the music and the love of life are inseparable.
« Let the good times roll ! »
Oh, sorry! « Laissez le bon temps rouler! »

Olivier Aubry

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