Red Hot, Vive le boogie ! (2016)

Which enthusiast of Southern rock doesn’t know Paul Hornsby ? The one who played with Duane and Gregg Allman in Hour Glass. The one who was the heyday of Capricorn Records by producing numerous artists (Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels, Two Guns, Target, Grinderswitch, Wet Willie, and so many others) and by hammering incidentally his keyboards on some of their albums (for exemple, the piano solo on « Heard it in a love song » of the Marshall Tucker Band). The one that we can compare with a monument of the Southern rock (as producer, studio director, sessions musician and talents discoverer) and whose name appears in the back side of numerous records. Today, Paul Hornsby releases a musical realization dedicated to the boogie (as its title indicates it, and in French, in addition). He draws in the old repertoire of this particular style which erects a bridge between the blues and the rock 'n' roll. He also surrounds himself with some famous triggers as the guitarists Chris Hicks or Lee Roy Parnell as well as a whole « big band » on several titles. Paul covers in a beautiful way Ray Charles (« Hallelujah, I love her so », already covered by Eddie Cochran in his time) and Fats Domino (« I’m ready »). « Corinna, Corinna » (slower that Johnny Carroll’s version) and the furious boogie « Red hot » (popularized by Billy Lee Riley then by Robert Gordon) also kick ass. The piano blues like Johnnie Johnson (the fabulous Chuck Berry’s pianist) takes pride of place on « After hours ». The rest of the album shows itself at the same level with a way of playing of keyboards with a great deal of flow. Mister Paul ends on a high note with the magnificent instrumental cover of the traditional « Amazing grace » (with organ, piano and dobro solos). A beautiful moment ! By listening to this record which goes back to the bottom of the roots of the "Southern music", we understand better why Paul Hornsby remained an key figure of Southern rock and how he was able to discover or to produce so many talented musicians. A living legend !

Olivier Aubry

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