Remedy (2016)

Musicians :
Ronnie Riddle - lead vocals & harmonica
Marty Hill - lead guitar, slide & dobro
Ben Robinson - lead guitar, slide & vocals
Johnny Webb - organ, keyboards & vocals
Jim Bolt - bass & vocals
Josh Wyatt - drums & vocals

01 – Blue Collar Son
02 – Lazarus
03 – The Sign
04 – Living The Dream
05 – Grace
06 – Remedy
07 – Country Comes To Town
08 – She Loves
09 – Silence Is Golden
10 – Lucky
11 – Levi’s Song

This combo of North Carolina comes back with a very good album which draws on the inheritance of the Southern Rock, both by the spirit and by the shape. The musicians still know their stuff as much and the singer possesses the ideal voice for this musical style. That starts hardly with « Blue Collar Son » (a title in the Southern atmosphere and in new Lynyrd Skynyrd influences) that aces strongly. The guitar solo blows you away and we appreciate the final slowed down at the slide. « Lazarus », a Southern rock in medium tempo which sounds very seventies with an hypnotic rhythm section and an effective slide guitar comes then. « Living room The Dream » is inspired by a Lynyrd Skynyrd first period and proposes an excellent six string solo. « Remedy » opens on ethereal arpeggios and drums’ rolls (a bit in the style of « After-party The Reign » of Blackfoot) but shows himself slightly too linear. It's a pity, but it is necessary to indicate all the same a beautiful flight at the third. The classical Southern rock « Country Como To Town » bangs well with a good slide and a « killer » guitar solo. « Silence Is Golden » does not produce a big effect because too repetitive, but the fast blues-rock « Lucky » releases a succession of guitars. Already, we are not disappointed but the best is yet to come. Indeed, in this lead shot torrent, the group incorporates skillfully four very beautiful Southern ballads : « The Sign» (with an excellent six-string part), « Grace » (melodic and syncopated with a magnificent chorus which takes the traditional « Amazing grace » and a beautiful solo), « She Loves » (enhanced by a touch of soul) and « Levi’s Song » (probably the best song of the record with a very beautiful chorus and a melodic and emotional solo in the spirit of Dickey Betts). So the guys of Preacher Stone propose us without any fuss this nice « Remedy », fruit of a work as relentless as talented. And we are going to pounce on it without any hesitation!
Southern Rock is not dead !

Olivier Aubry

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