Memories (2016)

Titles :
01 Still in Love With Her
02 Life on a Highway
03 Blues Communion
04 Rusty Girl
05 Somebody Else’s Song
06 Devil in Me
07 Abilene
08 Moody Blue
09 Dive into The River
10 Rollin’ Man
11 The Cell
Bonus – Live from the studio Midnight Rider

Let us greet the Czech Republic, at present one of the main pools regarding Southern rock bands in Europe, with, in its wide range of bands, some very talented like The Cell which is at its third album with this "Memories" released last year. The Cell, set up in 2002 by the Czech drummer Milan Milata and the refugee singer from Louisiana David Gore, changed several times its lead vocalist. David Gore was replaced in 2009 by another American singer: David Kangas of Boston / Massachusetts. Then, room until our days for the singer Michal Cerman, of Czech nationality. A reversal also took place concerning the backing vocalists Veronika Milatova and Vladka Svobodova replaced by Michaela Jonczyova and Martina Doleckova. The excellent guitarist and songwriter of the debuts Michal Benes, assisted by the guitarist Martin Skoda, is always there. He signs and cosigns most of the titles of "Memories" that contains eleven, more a bonus.
The album starts with some « Southern Boogie » with horns, hot and heavy on the guitar side, high quality and very compact on this "Still In Love With Her" written by Martin Endl, a former guitarist of The Cell regrettably died. Later, The Cell changes the tune on "Life on a Highway" where the tempo take an Americana Country Rock shape in the style of the Swedish of Hellsingland Underground. Then arrives "Blues Communion" with harmonica and a spurt of slide-guitar on the programme. Later the female voice of one of the singers of The Cell makes a nice job throughout "Rusty Girl" in a Rossington Collins Band tone, some voluptuous Country Folk with a close fiddle. Some Celtic Rock is taking place on "Somebody Else's Song", some magnificent with "Devil In Me" which develops with a very swaying rhythm, some dancing hopping Honky Tonk with nice guitars on "Abilene". Then we dive into tones remaining « The Pusher » of John Kay’s Steppenwolf on this pearl called "Moody Blue". "Dive Into The River" distinguishes itself by beautiful harmonies of guitars, leading to a bright Blues Boogie with "Rollin Man" with a piano with a hopping swing, to arrive to a hell of cover of the Leslie West’s "The Cell" coming from his album "As Phat As It Gets" dating 2000 : almost better than the original ! How could it be otherwise when we have such a name ? A high level bonus closes the opus with Gregg Allman’s "Midnight Rider" taken live in studio.
Jacques Dersigny

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