The Southern Fix (2015)

This band comes from Georgia and has opened for Artimus Pyle. These are already good references. Its first album, released in 2015, has all the assets to seduce fans of Southern rock and rock full stop. From the outset, the hand is shown with « Bringin’ on a storm », its medium tempo and its direct lyrics (« Where I come from, we fly our Southern flags proud »). The guitar solo allies itself to classic rock. The ballad « Southland » is very beautiful but we would have appreciated a solo on it. With the rock « That’s all it is » we stomp our feet with a piano and an acceleration on the end for a simple but effective solo. The ballad « Coming home » is tinted with a Marshall Tucker Band-like timber, the progression of chords recalling « Can’t you see ». The atmosphere of the good old Marshall also floats on « Where I belong » and « Lost ». In the end, even if the solos appear sometimes simplistic, this disc remains friendly and resolutely displays a good spirit.

Olivier Aubry

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