Same (1981/2017)

This quartet of Idaho self-produced this seven titles record in 1981 and we must admit that this band seemed very promising. Apart from the speeded Southern boogie "Fifteen Dollar Band" (featuring a harmonica solo) that evokes the Charlie Daniels Band of the old era ("Texas", "The south's gonna do it again"), the others songs are especially reminiscent of the first albums of the Outlaws. Two fast country-rock titles prove it unequivocally: "Under the gun" (with two beautiful harmonized guitars and a good Stratocaster solo) and "Goin 'back to Idaho" (where the two guitarists drop solos as technical as they are melodic). The melodious ballad "Rosa Linda" has an excellent six-string solo and "Texas lady" is reminiscent of "Stick around for rock’n'roll" from the Tampa Guitar Army. Finally, "I'm missin 'you" (a splendid twilight ballad with a tearful harmonica and a theme played in the third) skilfully mixes Poco and the Florida Outlaws ("Night wines"). The musicians of Bustin 'Loose were largely inspired by the famous Outlaws to embark on the perilous adventure of rock’n'roll (one of the guitarists had even well assimilated the style of the great Billy Jones). Unfortunately for them, the place was already taken. Pity !

Olivier Aubry

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