Army Peace (1971)

This relic of 1971 will not necessarily delight the diehard fans of "Southern Rock" but will probably delight collectors. Indeed, this band from Tennessee counted among his ranks Bobby Golden on guitar and Bob Spearman on keyboards, future members of Stillwater. Apart from this interesting detail, this record melts into the music of the time as evidenced from the outset "I just can not see you anymore", a country-rock ballad typical of the early seventies, ornamented of saturated guitar phrases. "Dreams" (a funky rock that ends in slow blues with a harmonica) and "Time is lost" (a syncopated blues-rock) are reminiscent of Rick Derringer. The psychedelic intro of "By your side" gives way to a shuffle in the Deep Purple lacerated by a six-string hard rock. The highlight of the album comes with "To Pamela", a beautiful ballad full of acoustic guitars and punctuated by some nice variations (flute parts, "religious" break on the organ, final acceleration). No hesitation, we are in 1971! Only the song "Get it together" might make a start on a sketch of Stillwater's future style. Like many bands, Cold Water Army released a single disc and then sank into oblivion. Fortunately, two survivors of the combo continued the adventure a few years later.

Olivier Aubry

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