IV (2018)

Fourth record in EP format six titles for the Country Rock band of the Indiana Flynnville Train, that, remember it, has a certain aura in France for its memorable performance at the country meeting of the festival of Craponne sur Arzon, Haute-Loire, the 30/07/2011, also for some of their very catchy titles with Southern emanations covered by French bands like the Bearnese Bootleggers on their album "Heart of Dixie" of 2012 which covered "High On The Mountain" and "Red Nekkid", also picked up by the Meusians of Redneck in 2014 on their "1 Poing C'est Tout !". Okay, let's go to this EP full of select covers as the opening superb "From The Beginning" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer (amazing no?), with delicious intro arpeggios to run nonchalantly in a "laidback" form with sun-filled guitar parts where the feeling prevails.

Some more traditional is set up in the Kentucky Headhunters style on "It Comes To Me Naturally". Then the Country Honky Tonk of the mountains with "Five Gallon Tear", then the surprise of the chef with a great cover of the "Garden Party" of Ricky Nelson, the unforgettable Colorado character in the Howard Hawks western "Rio Bravo", big rockabilly gentleman at the end of the fifties, to then start with his band The Stone Canyon Band in a fiery "Country Rock" armed with four LP's amongst them the best is the album "Garden Party" of 1972 which the album-title is covered with class by Flynnville Train. Still some very serious stuff for the ears with the perky instrumental "Blackgrass", signed Flynnville Train with a connotation that approaches the Outlaws’ "Waterhole". The EP ends in the country on the acoustic Country Folk bluegrass "Your Day's Comin' ".

Jacques Dersigny

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