Same (1980)

In 1981, this band from West Virginia released a single album influenced by the seventies’ Southern rock. The musicians chose to attack with a Southern boogie tinged with country accents ("Lovin 'man") and then to embark on a Southern rock marked with the style of Lynyrd Skynyrd on a syncopated midrange tempo ("Do not you mess with me "). The shadow of the Jacksonville gang also hovered over "Do not you worry," a rhythmically constructed tune similar to "Gimme three steps." The guys on River Street had even tried to vary the pleasures by offering a boogie in minor mode ("Life in the city"), a country-rock rhythm ("That's why") and a bluesy slow in minor mode too ("No time ", enhanced by a delicately saturated guitar). All this was not so badly thought. However, the artistic choice (to recreate the Southern sound of the seventies), the lack of originality of certain compositions and the side-lining of Southern rock at the time did not allow the Virginians to realize their dream.

Olivier Aubry

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