American Son (2017)

The patriarch of the "Southern Rock" Charlie Daniels does not hesitate to give a hand, testifies his participation on the title album "American Son" which opens the album of the Scooter Brown Band where he goes of his spoken sung voice in the style "The Devil Down To Georgia". On this peachy, very patriotic title, composed by Scott Brown the young leader guitarist-songwriter of the Scooter Brown Band from Texas. Despite his young age, Scott Brown is a former marine who fought in Iraq, who later traded the trellis against a guitar to set up his band in 2005 around Houston, for a musical "Country", "Americana" and modern "Southern Rock", with such influences as the Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Travis Tritt, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Crowes.
All of these influences, cooked up by the Brown Band Scooter, give a music close to bands such as Blackberry Smoke and Whiskey Myers, or Flynnville Train. The Brown Band Scooter has produced several albums, but the most neat is this "American Son", filled with thirteen tracks, studiously produced, which at times slaps seriously, thanks to the talent of the three musicians who accompany the lead singer and guitarist Scott Brown, whose names are Nathan Lockheart (lead guitar), Steven Sutherland (bass) and Matt Bledsoe (drums). Favored on certain tunes by a piano and female backing vocals, demonstrated on "Story Of My Life" and the sublime "Broken Arrow", some titles stand out and catch well the ear by their punch like "Will not Back Down" and "This Town" with its nice slide meowings, as well as moments that are musically closer to the Charlie Daniels Band on the very good "Guitars, Guns And Whiskey". The Brown Band Scooter also has the good idea to cover the "New York City's King Size Rosewood Bed". This track, recorded by Charlie Daniels and sung by Taz Di Gregorio, got the scoop on appearing on two albums of the father Charlie Daniels in two different versions, the first in 1972 on the LP "Te John, Grease & Wolfman", then in 1974 on the determinant "Fire On The Mountain", and also in 1974 with "The South's Gonna Do It". This title fits like a glove to the Brown Band Scooter that gives it a bit of modernity. To close the album on a high note the band rocks it with the breathless "Huntsville" with a big flurry of compelling stamped Skynyrd guitars.

Jacques Dersigny

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