Rock and Roll The Hard Way (1979/2017)

This six-track album, released in 1979, takes its originality from two things: the origin of the band (New Mexico is not particularly famous for its musical activities) and the presence of two extracts of concerts. "Southern eyes" sounds very early 38 Special with a good southern slide. The musicians seem to have made a special effort for "Soldier of Fortune" that begins with a military drum and the beginning of "Dixie" and then sets off on a medium country rhythm marked by a continuous turnover of snare drum. The country-rock guitar solo is admirable. The two tracks recorded in public show a certain homogeneity of the band on stage and last respectively eight and ten minutes. "Road to rock'n'roll" begins slowly and accelerates on the end while the fast-paced blues-rock "New Mexico weighs" features a drum and bass solo. Well, nothing very amazing. Only a kind of super 45 Tours escaped from the cave of broken dreams but which will perhaps be the delight of some music lovers-archaeologists thirty nine years later.

Olivier Aubry

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