Rough Road (1979/2017)

Although originally from Ohio, this group moved towards a 70’s Southern rock style (Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers) and released a single disc in 1979. We can find a lot of references in songs like the fast "3 day weekend" (reminiscent of Charlie Daniels Band's "Birmingham blues" with a guitar solo typical of old Charlie and an organ solo worthy of the late Taz Di Gregorio). Allman Brothers Band accents are also felt on "Some woman's man" (a slow and sticky blues decorated with an "Allmanian" organ and a delicate six-string) and "Leavin 'in the mornin'" (a country title with guitars in the third and a solo a little copied on the one of Dickey Betts in "Ramblin 'man"). On the other hand, the beautiful country song "Wanderin 'man" and "Oh Linda" (with a Bo Diddley groove and a melodic piano solo) bear witness to more personality and originality from the band. But the major influence comes largely from the Marshall Tucker Band. Indeed, the Marshall shadow undoubtedly hovers over "15/20" (a melodic country song with medium tempo with a Toy Caldwell-style solo) and "Doin 'what I wanna do" (and his long flight of guitar in the old Toy spirit). Tree Fox had made an honest album, but in 1979, Southern rock had already gone out of fashion and only the headliners remained. So, like many others, this friendly production has ended up in oblivion.

Olivier Aubry

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