Southern Rock Gospel (2019)

Doc Holliday's iconic "songwriter" guitarist, Bruce Brookshire, makes a noteworthy return with the release of a five-track album of Christian-inspired Southern rock, following his 2001 solo album "The Damascus Road ", a model of the kind of Southern American Christian rock, such as the" American Roots "(1998) of the late Grinderswitch guitarist Larry Howard, Ed Raetzloff's brilliant" It Took A Long Time To Get To You "(1980), Blue Jug guitarist, "Eagle's Flight" (2002) by Harvey Jett, guitarist of Black Oak Arkansas, and, of course, Billy Crain's current solo musical approach, always very inspired by his albums, following the example of his "Broken Things" of 2017. It is the same on this "Southern Rock Gospel" of Bruce Brookshire: some beautifully crafted Southern rock, embellished by the virulent guitar and the memorable voice of Bruce Brookshire, with from the outset the bluesy "Turn To Jesus (He'll Let You Know)". After we have sunny Southern Country Rock with "Give In To Love", then the wonderful "How Great" ballade where Bruce's guitar and vocals make your skin crawl. Follows the traditional "Amazing Grace" revisited in boogie by Bruce. The album ends in style with a flamboyant Latino instrumental "Un Dios Amoroso" where all the guitar science of master Bruce Brookshire is exerted with panache.

Jacques Dersigny

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