Carolina Confessions (2018)

Marcus King's latest album flies to the sweet roads of melodious and saturated with brass Southern soul. Several "Southern Soul" songs illustrate this statement: the slow "Confessions", the very melodic "8 a.m.", the splendid "Side door" and his wonderful guitar solo. The funky "How long", the soul ballad "Remember", the hallucinated swamp rock "Welcome 'round here" (with a screaming six-string) and the Southern ballad "Goodbye Carolina" (with a beautiful slide and a solo in the Warren Haynes style) are also excellent. But the young guitarist did not forget to include some stimulating titles with the accents of the Allman Brothers Band ("Where I'm headed", "Autumn Rains" and his superb solo). A welcome initiative! This very good record showcases all the talent of Marcus King and allows you to appreciate his style, so becoming much more accessible than with his incursions in the field of jazz-rock. An orientation to pursue!

Olivier Aubry

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